31 December 2011

How Sir Tee Rings Out the Old

The crying began last night at bedtime - a typical stunt for a little one, you'd think. However it was a cry filled with pain, fear, and confusion - not, hey! I wanna stay up! My heart broke as I rocked and rocked him in my arms. What to do? He'd swirl from exhaustion and I'd put my hand out to keep his head from knocking into the side of the crib. I'd thought he was getting better but he was actually far worse.

Once I heard the deep rumble of his chest I made a call to the night nurse and she set up an appt.

It's been a long day after an even longer night. I'll only suggest that he's finally getting some sleep because I don't want to jinx it. He has a bronchial infection/virus of some kind so he was treated to the nebulizer, given an inhaler, and we were sent on our way to ride it out.

There was still a visit with my dad and Brian to look forward to but I'll save that adventure for another post because my dad MacGuyver'ed us an antenae and we got a snowglobe from Ireland. I'm about to go eat Chinese and have a glass of warm, spiced wine while watching Snow White. Bee and I are still getting over our own colds and our backs hurt.

...our first New Year's Eve in parenthood.

Oh no, nebulizer!

I'll just snooze while you sing Edelweiss.

I'm OK now! ...for the next few hours!

Happy New Year!


Stephanie + co.


  1. Feel better little man! I'm sorry you rang the new year in this way!

  2. Aw, poor baby. He looks so much better in that last pic tho!!

    Hope you both are getting lots of rest.


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