30 December 2011

Storchenwiege For Baby Wearing!

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Storchenwiege German Woven Wrap: Vicky

I just ordered a Storch so I'm pretty excited! Tee has been growing like a weed and is now too heavy for the Moby wrap. He sinks like a rock and throws my back into chaos. He's 9 mo. and nearly 17 lbs. It's time to graduate.

I don't think we'll ever use a stroller. If I wear him daily I don't notice him getting heavier and it helps keep me in shape. That's in addition to the bond babywearing creates.

It's come to my attention, though, that a forward facing wrap isn't good for his back or hips, so once the Storch arrives I won't be doing that wrap anymore. I feel terrible that I didn't know and now there are several photographs on my blog with me wearing Tristan in an unsafe position.

There are so many companies to choose from when ordering something online but I came across another Blogger who got her wrap from ChildrensNeeds.com and had such nice things to say. I decided to call them because I had so many questions. It's a home line - and a child answered. Yesterday I spoke with Kurt and today, Beate. They were both so kind and incredibly knowledgeable. I'm so happy I found their shop and I will be sitting by the door waiting.

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