16 February 2013

South Dakota JACKALOPE on Flashback Saturday

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Throwback Jackalope can be ridden at Wall Drug in South Dakota.

I've always been kind of obsessed with Americana. From carousels to ice cream stands shaped like ice cream - concrete dinosaurs, balls of twine, giant teapot, fortune tellers in glass boxes, fun houses, donut shops that are donut-shaped, the Hollywood[land] sign, Mt Trashmore, Mt Rushmore...if it's an oddity or classic I will stop short.

When I was working for an organization that sent me on the road often I was sent to South Dakota. I'd always wanted to go and it was kind of a joke around the office. Then they finally needed someone to go to South Dakota, Iowa, and Kansas; a trifecta of Americana-packed states. I was chosen!!!!!!

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Mt Rushmore: it's a lot further away in person!

Usually I look everything up on RoadsideAmerica.com before traveling (even where I'm living - I am all about being a tourist in my own town!) but this was a last minute trip and there wasn't time; I was going into my dream blind!

Luckily there just happened to be a herd of dinosaurs across from where we worked and when I left I hugged them goodbye thinking that was the last of the kitsch.

Until we meet again, Concrete Dinosaur!



There were like 45398 signs telling us something amazingly tacky was coming and we better pull over in 9304832 miles.

Pull over, indeed!

That is where I met this life-sized jackalope...my favorite animal (other than cats, rats, and bats...and elephants)!

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