29 May 2013

Catching Up with Photo a Day - March

fatmumslim's instagram photoaday challenge for march
Favorite Photos from FatMumSlim's March Photo a Day

With June right around the corner I'm using this week to play catch-up. I'd love to post these at the beginning of each month after I've finished each challenge so I'm having a collage parade this week. Fun!

Highlights for me are the sticky rice sugar skull I made Tristan (even if he couldn't stand the texture I think he'll appreciate it one day), his birthday cake, getting my new hoop, cotton from Brandon's and my second anniversary, the dotters that signaled my trip into basic nail art, wearing shoes that aren't Docs or Crocs, and the bunting I made since I don't take many pictures of it.

Here were the prompts I used from FatMumSlim's blog - join me on Instagram and play, too!

Image from FatMumSlim

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