30 May 2013

Catching Up with Photo a Day - April

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Here are my favorites from April's FatMumSlim challenge on Instagram!

I'll be honest: I was most excited that I had a reason to take a picture of my Battle Royale button. Then there was the time I tried to make that edible glitter that turned out looking more like the cellular structure of a marigold (you see it, I know you do), then my reading glasses for comics. I don't remember why Tristan was so surprised - oh yeah, HOT WHEELS! I bought Brandon the same shirt four times...............on the same shopping trip in the same store and only got one other shirt. That was impressive. I gave away a Slapstache; that was fun. ...and the flowers started blooming. It was a pretty good month!

Here are the prompts I had to go by - join me for June on Instagram!

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