24 June 2013

It Happens While You Sleep........

what really happens to memories of motherhood?
Don't worry, Mamma. I will refill your head with more.

On Sunday I curled up for a nap in my glorious white cloud blanket. It usually brings me the sweetest dreams but this time I got a visit from The Mommy Memory Eraser Fairy. She hovered over me with her tangled Glenda-witch hair tumbling over her face. Her shabby gown, musty. Her fingers were like old knotted tree branches, long and powerful. She was a beautiful mess with tinted skin and dark eyes.

But then she leaned over sleeping me and started to suck all the Little Things away. I awoke in my cloud, falling, as she hovered over my body. I floated to the corner and watched as she syphoned memories away, my body still curled on the bed.

What are you doing and who are you?

My job. We can't let you remember everything or your heart will break. 

Whatever you awake with is what you shall remember.

You'll never notice the ones we take or that I was here...

My soul and body merged and I awoke, skin crawling...
and my memory already getting foggy...

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