03 June 2013

The Magic of ComicCon

I just had The Best Weekend Ever. I'm so full of happy right now I don't even know where to start...

Let's Take it From the Top!

Brandon and I had the date we'd been saving for: it was Valentine's, our anniversary, Mother's/Father's Day and birthdays...and it was so worth it! We went to Wizard World ComicCon on Sunday and saw shiny things, creepy dolls, all sorts of art; posed with great costumes, looked at others. We tried to find as many Finn the Humans (from Adventure Time) as possible to make Tristan this wacky collage (it's his favorite show to watch with Papa). I saw The Fonz from a great distance (THE Fonz) and Blaine from Pretty in Pink........but we MET Daryl AKA Norman Reedus!!! We're def BFF's now. JK.

meeting Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon photo op, comic con walking dead
Walker Fighting Trifecta

Here's the scoop: you have to pay for a lot of things (like, literally everything). If you paid for an autograph you could get a few minutes of quality chat time and extra hugs...for $40. But if you got a photo ($55) you were rushed in and out like a shellshocked zombie. Ambiance much? It was like BOOM there's Daryl! Now you walk over to him and pose and and leave FAST. Luckily Brandon blinked for the first shot so we got an extra three seconds with him. He said hello, and thanks very softly a couple times because I'm pretty sure I squeaked IT'S YOU! YOU'RE SO COOL! at him before collecting my hug. I was in a daze. Brandon and I are big fans of The Walking Dead and he is the best character. I'm not usually a fangirl but if an actor plays a character I really like I can get a little silly. Like if Jon Cryer showed up as Ducky somewhere I'd be jumping up and down.

henry winkler at comic con
For example: see that pastel plaid dot of a man? HENRY WINKLER AKA THE FONZ!

Our line-buddy was a doll! You know how when you're on a flight you stress out over who you're going to be paired up with? Long lines are much like that. She'd just gone to the prom and was SO excited to be seeing Daryl - and since she had the same name as me she let me take a picture of his signed photo so I know how he'd write my name if we'd gone to the signing. ...yeah, I'm sounding more and more like a crazed fangirl, so before moving on I'll just say that

1. she thought I was still in my TEENS (ILY, girl) and

2. When she asked who my favorite band was and I said Guns N Roses she was like oh my gosh aren't they like those old guys from the 1990's??! 

Norman reedus signature
What it looks like when Norman Reedus writes my name!

I got to catch up with an old LiveJournal'er friend who has always made art but his work has really evolved into something extra special (I mean, hello, he has a GIANT booth here!) so I hope you'll check out his work at Hero Squares. I have been saving a whole wall for his stuff! No joke, we got a couple Walking Dead prints, Ghostbusters, W is for WILLARD (Crispin Glover ::fangirl alert::), and a Bill Murray coloring book for Tristan! His stuff is bright, poppy, and CUTE! Even if the subject isn't cute somehow he's given it that doe-eyed hypnotically adorable twist. It's also affordable art - and fun fact: if you get a blood splattered Walking Dead canvas his son does the blood. The whole family rocks. Look for an interview with Drew SOON. He belongs in my artist-stalking series for sure!

drew a blank hero squares, affordable pop culture art
Drew A Blank of Hero Squares

We did not pay for a ride in the DeLorean but that's all right because posing with it in the background was enough excitement for me; I've met this sleek mobile once before at Universal Studios so we go way back. Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME. Someone at our church in Hollywood used to drive one for realz so you can imagine how rad we thought they were! We'd always ask my dad to wait for the people to come out so we could see who drove it (same person every time). OK, this is a wake-up call: I AM A FANGIRL.

Basically we just ran around the place adventuring and exploring and  taking silly awesome photos.

Back to the Future!

Brandon commissioned a $5 family portrait of us D&D style. I'm an elf. Tristan's in shades because that's how he's modeling on my phone's wallpaper...he loves his aviators. I apparently have cool invisible super powers so look out.

D&D Family Caricature, dungeons and dragons caricature
The van Dee's gamer-style.

We HAD to get something for Tristan, of course. I'll bet you can't guess what it is: a limited edition gold lame robot stuffie. It's pretty unique wouldn't you say? I mean, we could have gotten him a t-shirt for the same price but he'd grow out of it and who really grows out of gold lame robots? mmK,  I don't have the patience to figure out how to put that much needed little accent mark over the "E" so I realize that I am calling them LAME and not lah-mayyyy but it's not lame so you must know what I'm trying to say...right?

Beep Boop LAME Bop

I met a Dalek, survived, and then escaped in the TARDIS.

It's bigger on the inside...........

We finished our date off with cajun cheesesteaks and cupcakes. Bliss.

I am a lavender cupcake.

Thanks to everyone who made me feel like a rockstar by photographing my tattoos and telling me I look like various cool celebs. People are still mesmerized by the tattoo glitter I custom blend to make skin art sparkle (tutorial is in the works - it's GOOD!). Artists told me my robot brooch was cool and unusual - and I got to say the best phrase a crafter can say: Thanks, I made it! But the ultimate compliment came from my husband when he saw me after I'd gotten dressed up and he said Whoa, I married a Booth Girl! - but since this was my first convention I didn't get it. I do now.

Sometimes a girl just needs to hear stuff like that...especially when she just turned 20 + __!



  1. Best date ever, babe.

  2. Wow that looks so awesomely fun!! I'm so jealous you got to take a picture with a tardis, haha.

    Glad you had such a great day and you looked so cute!!


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