04 January 2013

Urban Flowerpot's Year in Review: 2012

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I'm so glad you brought your brain!
January brought Zombie Brains and Hanging Tristan on a Clothesline.

What's up, Valentine? I'm batty over you.
February was filled with  IRONCAKESValentine Gingerbread and Portraits of PTSD.

Toothless Hipster
March was another big month: Tristan's Birthday Party and a Zoo Trip where we got Coconut!

Brighter weather.
April was filled with Filthy Germs, the invention of Boba-Gel and a Peep Show!

Help, I'm a blue kangaroo!
May we celebrated Homecoming Day and Mac & Cheese became really big around here.

I just took my first steps!
June was the Piano Man and a Father's Day Meat Bouquet!

Oranges are dreamy, don't you think?
July I made two videos: Twinkle in NICU and the Autumnal TREX and we rocked out at Please Touch.

Top Guns.
August was Tristan's first All Night Rager and we got his First Pair of Shoes!

Have you heard of Devo?
September was an Unbirthday and I discussed Preemie Mom FavorsLearning Time began.

Pickles & Dinosaurs.
October brought a Papa son adventure and the official Wolf Pack Howl!

Brush, brush, brush.
November was when Mommy & Me Began and Congratulations, Jupiter, It's a Squirrel...wait, what?

GIANT Mac & Cheese is a good sign for a Happy New Year!
December was Pretty in Pink and Cup Stacking became hot!

It started out hard but became one of the best years of my life. I'm looking forward to what 2013 has in store.

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  1. wow he's grown so much over the past year! from a baby to a kid. :)


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